Five I/O and communication function module slots—
A variety of modules to choose from
NAI’s 64E3 is a 6U VME High-density I/O and Communication Board with five function module slots that can be configured with a variety of I/O, communication, and Ethernet functions. One of these module slots is standardized with a relatively large footprint and high-density channel count, enabling up to 48 channels of high functionality, feature-rich, programmable discrete on a single 6U board. Using multiple DSPs, the enhanced motherboard enables higher processing power and dedicated pre-processing control for each module.

By eliminating the need for multiple, specialized, single-function boards, this unique design increases packaging density, saves enclosure slots, and reduces power consumption. The 64E3, a low-power/high-performance board, is ideally suited for rugged defense, industrial, and commercial applications.

In a VME chassis, the 64E3 acquires sensor measurement data and controls simulation signals, and makes this information available to an external host processor via Gigabit Ethernet (Gig-E) or PCIe. Pre-existing, fully-tested functions can be quickly and easily combined in an unlimited number of ways. Each I/O function has dedicated processing, unburdening the system Single Board Computer (SBC) from unnecessary data management overhead.

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Key Features

  • 6U VME with Master VME Bus capability
  • Support for 5 independent, intelligent function modules
  • 4 standard footprint modules
  • 1 large footprint, 48-channel, high-density module
  • A variety of I/O, communication, and Ethernet modules to choose from
  • Control via either VME Bus or dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
  • Connections via front panel, rear panel, or both
  • Automatic Background Built-in-Test (BIT) (module dependent)
  • Software Support Kits (SSKs) and drivers available
  • Commercial and rugged models
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 70°C commercial, or -40°C to +85°C rugged
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  • Specification

    Product Resources

    64E3 Datasheet


    64E3 Operations Manual