Key Features

  • Rugged design with soldered components
  • Reliable computing capabilities for applications needing higher immunity to shock and vibration
  • Next-generation multicore Intel Core i7 processors
  • Delivers high performance coupled with low power consumption
  • Supports multiple graphics displays
  • Dynamic thermal management
  • Enables controlled system shutdown to avoid damage to equipment
  • Offers cost saving by allowing simulation in the lab before conducting field tests
  • Flexible options
  • Additional shock and vibration protection,
  • Specification


    • Intel® Core™ i7 processor, soldered
    • – 4 Core i7 35W (SV)
    • – 2 Core i7 25W (LV)
    • – 2 Core i7 17W (ULV)
    • Memory

    • Supports up to 8GB of DDR3
    • • Soldered with ECC

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