VM145 - PowerPC PMC Module

VM145 - PowerPC PMC Module

The VM145 PowerPC™ PMC module delivers an outstanding combination of computational and I/O performance in a compact, industry standard form factor. On its own, or as part of a multiprocessing system, the VM145 is a powerful engine for embedded computing in industrial, military and commercial applications. The VM145 utilises a third generation PowerPC™ G4+ CPU - the Motorola MPC745x family. This device has a highly advanced superscaler architecture to delivering exceptional integer and floating point performance.
The PowerPC™ G4+ benefits from a highly efficient 100/133MHz system bus and an AltiVec™ 128 bit vector processing engine which can perform four single precision floating point operations per clock cycle. Performance is further enhanced by 256/512kBytes on chip L2 cache running at full core speed and 2MBytes of external fast DDR L3 cache.

Key Features

  • Industry standard IEEE P1386 PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) - measures just 149mm x 74mm
  • Specification


    • MPC7448 600MHz-1.3GHz PowerPC™ G4+ CPU
    • Memory

    • 64-512MBytes SDRAM
    • Storage

    • 8-32MBytes user flash

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