The GE Intelligent Platforms DSP281 is a rugged 2nd generation, COTS multiprocessor that brings data center performance and scalability to deployed defense and aerospace applications.

Designed for size, weight and power (SWaP) sensitive applications, GE's high performance embedded computing (HPEC) platforms deliver expanded mission capabilities across a wide range of manned- and un-manned, airborne, ground and naval platforms.

The DSP281 delivers more performance per card slot by expanding system bandwidth with the Intel ® 4th gen quad Core™ i7, up to 32GBytes DDR3 1600 main memory per processor, inter-node DMA over PCIe™ gen 3 and OFED RDMA InfiniBand or Ethernet data plane via the latest Mellanox ConnectX™-3 network interface controllers (rNICs).

GE fully exploits Intel's hyper-threaded multi-core platform with AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software. Developers can optimize and scale application across GE's 3U and 6U OpenVPX HPEC solution sets that include Ethernet and InfiniBand Switch Fabric Modules, GPGPU processors, Single Board Computers and I/O modules.

Key Features

  • Two Intel ® Core™ i7-4700EQ CPUs:
  • - Four cores, eight threads per CPU
  • - Two channels ECC 1600-DDR3L
  • - 16GBytes DDR3L, 32GB future option
  • - AVX2.0 Advanced Vector Extensions
  • - HD-4600 on-chip graphics
  • Two platform controller hubs:
  • - 16MBytes BIOS Flash per PCH
  • - 16GB SATA Nand Flash
  • - 512KB NVRAM
  • Platform Security:
  • - Configurable Security Hub FPGA
  • - Intel Trusted Execution
  • - Intel vPRO / AMT technology
  • - Intel AES new instructions
  • Firmware support:
  • - Built-in Test
  • Operating System Support:
  • - Linux® SDK
  • - Windows ® SDK
  • - WRS VxWorks ® BSP
  • - WRS Hypervisor
  • Middlewares and Libraries:
  • - AXISPro application development framework
  • - AXISLib VSIPL and RSPL multi-threaded DSP and math libraries for VxWorks, Linux & Windows
  • - GE signal- and image processing quick start examples
  • - Intel OpenCL SDKs, IPP and MKL
  • Specification


    • Two Intel ® Core™ i7-4700EQ CPUs
    • Memory

    • 16GBytes DDR3L, 32GB future option
    • Storage

    • 16GB SATA Nand Flash

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