The VTS2 is a Hard Drive Carrier for VME bus. The VTS2 is available in commercial and rugged variants and offers the user the ability to have reliable, mass storage in a 6U form factor. Utilising either single or dual, 1.8 or 2.5" Solid-State or regular Hard Disk Drives the VTS2 is easily customisable to meet exact project requirements in terms of cost and performance. Solid state disk technology currently allows up to 128GByts of storage to be used on the VTS2. This is soon to be increased to 512GBytes.
The VTS2 is ideally suited to data recording in RADAR SONAR medical imaging and telecommunications applications and is designed for use in harsh as well as benign environments.
Host software support is offered for many SBC's including PowerPC™ hosts running VxWorks and LINUX.

Key Features

  • industry standard 6U VME card
  • 1.8 and 2.5" drive support
  • commercial rugged variants available
  • rotary and solid state drive support
  • VME and Ethernet interface options
  • IDE (PATA) controller
  • LINUX, VxWorks and Integrity support
  • Specification

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