The VMS1 is an IEEE P1386.1 compliant PMC module that allows one or two standard CompactFlash memory cards to be used to build a compact and robust mass storage solution for embedded systems. The VMS1 also facilitates control of a remote IDE storage device (e.g. hard drive). The dual card support allows software RAID to provide either striping for high capacity and performance (level 0) or mirroring for enhanced reliability (level 1). With 16GB cards now shipping, the VMS1 can support up to 32GB storage capacity today, with a roadmap to even higher capacities. Ruggedisation options are available to support industrial, airborne and military applications, including industrial temperature operation, conduction cooling and conformal coating. The VMS1 offers various card mounting factory options. The first card is located on the primary (under) side. This card may either be concealed, or accessed through a slot in the bezel. The second card (if specified) is located on the secondary (top) side.
The bus mastering IDE controller has dual channels, and supports the full range of PIO and UDMA data transfer modes, up to and including ATA/100, allowing users to take full advantage of the latest high speed CompactFlash cards. As a factory option, an IDE channel may be routed to the PMC Pn4 user I/O connector - for example to allow control of an externally mounted CF card, or a conventional hard drive. SFF-8038i compliance means the VMS1 is register compatible with standard PCI IDE controllers, and is supported by the standard ATA/IDE device drivers in Windows™, Linux™, VxWorks™ and many other operating systems.

Key Features

  • industry standard IEEE P1386 PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) - measures just 149mm x 74mm
  • supports single or dual CompactFlash memory cards (Type I or Type II)
  • PCI rev 2.2 compliant 32 bit 33MHz bus master with DMA
  • SFF-8038i compliant ATA host controller, supports all PIO and UDMA modes up to ATA/100
  • 32 bit 33MHz 3.3V PCI interface
  • optional external connection to one IDE channel via PMC P14 user I/O
  • commercial and rugged variants, with options including conformal coating, industrial temperature operation and conduction cooling
  • compatible with Windows™, Linux™, VxWorks™ and many other operating systems
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