The VE-104 rugged PC/104 enclosure is designed specifically to protect PC/104 electronics such as instrumentation, data collectors, remote terminals, SCADA packages or other solutions that operate in hostile environments. Modules are protected by a machined, billet-aluminium separator. Each separator can be designed to act as a heatsink for processor modules and other compute elements that require cooling.
When deploying electronics in mobile or vehicle applications, vibration and G-forces can greatly reduce their life expectancy and reliability. The VE-104 ensures the PC/104 modules receive maximum protection from vibration, G-forces and shock. A specially designed base plate for this purpose is available as an option. Because each module is individually cabled into it’s own separator it is easy for the stack to be reconfigured without the need to detached and reattach a cable harness. Therefore, adding and removing modules from the stack or configuring different I/O for application specific use couldn’t be easier.
A wide variety of standard processing and I/O modules are supported with their own custom machined separator.

Key Features

  • PC104 enclosure suitable for multiple PC104 boards
  • Custom machined aluminium billet board separators, top plate and base
  • Optional anti-shock mounting pad
  • Self stacking modular design
  • Individually wired I/O allows for easy re-stacking of system
  • Individual modules can act as a heatsink
  • Custom paint, alocrom and branding options available
  • Specification

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