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Case Studies

  • Lighting processor board
  • Our client embarked upon an ambitious plan to design the ultimate in state-of-the-art, high end, lighting controller. It was decided at an early stage that a bespoke processor board was required. The design challenges included component selection, including a suitable processor, that would offer the ability to run without a fan (noise from a lighting desk in theatrical applications is unacceptable) and also a South bridge that would mop up I/O functions but would fit in with the predicted life... Read More
  • Periscope Digitisation Programme
  • Submarines are a key part of a nation’s defence strategy and are expected to be in service for over 30 years. A technology refresh brings technology up-to-date but must be delivered on time and on budget. Our client, a major UK Defence Prime, secured a contract to digitise the periscopes of three nations’ submarines. Our client needed to upgrade analogue video systems to digital whilst maintaining compatibility with other submarine systems which may not be upgraded. The project required... Read More